Home o-2 Therapy

Ordinarily, we take oxygen directly into our lungs straight from the air. Unfortunately, various diseases and conditions can block us from being able to breathe enough oxygen. Thankfully, o-2 therapy was devised to help patients receive the extra oxygen their bodies need.

O2 therapy can be administered at hospitals, nearly any medical clinic and at your home. If o-2 therapy is prescribed for someone with a chronic condition or disease, then home o-2 therapy is the recommended approach.

Home O2 Therapy

Home o-2 therapy is a restorative oxygen treatment that circulates extra oxygen to your body through the use of a portable o-2 concentrator in your home.

Home o-2 therapy can be very beneficial to your body and will definitely give you more functionality.

During home oxygen therapy, oxygen is circulated to your body from a portable o-2 concentrator. The oxygen flows from the o-2 concentrator into a flexible tube through an o-2 cannula or o-2 mask and into to your lungs.

Portable o-2 concentrators don’t require o-2 refills or costly o-2 tanks. o-2 concentrators pull in the air around you, compresses it, removes the nitrogen and delivers pure, medicinal oxygen through the o-2 cannula.

Home O2 therapy is very beneficial and helps patients feel more active and healthier. There are many advantages of o-2 therapy at home. The benefits of o-2 home therapy are that it:

  • Is helpful for patients suffering from COPD.
  • Relieves many breathing disorders and improves sleeping.
  • Helps to alleviate fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • Helps improve memory function and thinking.
  • Reduces strain on your heart.
  • Prevents harmful effects of low blood o-2 levels.
  • Helps you be more active.

Nowadays, patients with lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis and occupational lung diseases are prescribed home o-2 therapy by their doctor.

With all the advancement in home o-2 therapy, most patients lead normal lifestyles and have very active lives.


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Portable o-2 Home Therapy

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